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Photography Tips

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Photography Tips


This is a list of things that photography has taught me (so far). It is a dynamic list so check back for updates.

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you with your photography. Feel free to leave your comments.

 1. Take 10,000 photos then proceed to Step 2...

1. Take 10,000 photos then proceed to Step 2...

2. Read, reread your camera's Owners Manual.

3. Study Three Photographers

My list:

  1. Constantine Manos
  2. William Klein
  3. Bruce Davidson

4. Find Your Style

Slide Road.jpg

5.  Mix It Up

Don't be a one-trick pony.

 6. Have a sense of humour.

6. Express Your Humour


7. Try New Things


8. Take Photos With (not of) Your Camera

9. Photographer or Model?

You decide. Do you want to be in front of, or behind, the camera?

 Hint: It is rare that one is successful at both. 

Busy Bee.jpg

 10. It's In Your Backyard

You don't have to go to Iceland unless you really want to.

11. Take Camera Everywhere


12. Find Frames

Between the Lines.jpg

13. Look For Patterns

Remember: Geometry is your friend.

14. Don’t be Intimidated

15. Limit Choices

16. Embrace Constraints

17. Minimize Post Production

18. Think Big

19. Think Small

20. Keep It Simple

21. Fill The Frame

22. Tell a Story

23. Keep Some Mystery

24. Let it Narrate

25. Don't Mix Metaphors

26. Practice Photo DNR

Do not attempt to resuscitate bad photos with post production.

27. No Pandering Allowed

Beware of tailoring your photos to fit your social media groups. You are limiting yourself. It is important to express your vision whether it fits with that of the group or not. If you are taking photos solely for the enjoyment of the group, it's time to leave. You need to advance in your own direction, not theirs.

28. Sample Photography Courses

29. Get Up Early

30. Look Up

31. Look Down

32. Look The Other Way

Sometimes the best photograph is right behind you.

33. Watch Frame Borders

34. Watch Background

35. NEAR  or    F    a    r   ?

36. Find Three Items

37. Objects:  CLumP   Sep ar  ate

38. Be Ready

You may not get a second chance to capture it.

39. On The Level

40. Let Photos Marinate

41. Be Patient

42. Learn For Yourself

43. Practice, Practice, Practice

44. Get Off The Beaten Path

45. Create Your Recipe

Don't be a 'cookbook' photographer. You can forget the ISO. You can forget the Aperture. You can forget the Shutter Speed. These are merely the ingredients that the photographer chose for that particular occasion.

Yours will be different. And so they should be.

46. Have Fun

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