ANL Warrnambool, Tymac Spray and F.W. Wright by Arthur Simpkins

Container ship ANL Warrnambool, passenger vessel Tymac Spray and tugboat F.W. Wright in Fraser River

Departure Day by Arthur Simpkins

Departure Day

Imagine you are a cargo ship called “NYK DAEDALUS.” You are 294.12m (964.96 ft) long and 32.2m (105.64 ft) wide. You are carrying a load of shipping containers.

Today you are docked, facing upriver, at Fraser Surrey Docks. You’re ready to leave for Oakland, California. Who is going to help you turn around?

You call tugboats “SMIT PRIDE” from SAAM SMIT Towage Canada and “KOOTENAY” from Samson Tug Boats for assistance.

This slideshow demonstrates just a fraction of the teamwork required to safely get a large vessel underway.

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Splendeur by Arthur Simpkins

Cargo vessel "SPLENDEUR" at Fraser Surrey Docks in the Port of Vancouver.

This general cargo ship was built in 2008 and it is registered in Panama. She measures 179.99 m. long, 28.2 m. wide. 

Her gross tonnage is 21,192. She has a deadweight of 33,440 t.

Cap Jackson by Arthur Simpkins

Container ship "CAP JACKSON" at Fraser Surrey Docks in the Port of Vancouver.

This ship was built in 2010 and sails under the flag of Singapore.

She is 264.31 m long and 32.29 m wide with a maximum draught of 13.5 m.

Her gross tonnage is 47,877 and deadweight is 59,336.

Her container capacity is 4,616 TEU.